Radical Self Care


Personal Self Care Sessions

Self Care is on the rise - that’s great! But what does that mean, and what does it mean for you specifically? If you’re scrolling on Instagram, it’s easy to think that self care is all manicures and floral crystal baths, but ultimately it goes deeper into the way we hold space for ourselves.

Self care is creating time and mental or emotional space- little moments and practices in your day - to check in with yourself. Radical Self Care is making our well-being a priority in our lives, despite living in a world that does not consistently value the well-being of all people. How we treat ourselves reflects on how we treat others and interact with the world around us. Though the glossy, Instagram-version of self-care implies a certain level of privilege, self care is not exclusive or selfish, but a vital part of our personal and communal well being.

Self Care is also highly personal and individual, just like you. These sessions are designed entirely around you and your needs. We’ll focus on how you’re feeling, what you’re moving through, and where you’re going and then design techniques and practices that meet your need and serve your goals. We’ll work together to craft a routine that can fit into your life starting right now.



1 Session Check-in

Our living is a constant ebb and flow. What serves us at one time, might not serve us down the road. We can reconnect anytime you want to check in on your practices or when feel like you might need a change.

This 60 minute session is a sounding board, a pause along the journey, a reminder that change is constant and that’s okay.

Rate: $125


4 Sessions (1 month)

Let’s get to know you better. What makes you feel light? What brings you joy? What’s holding you back from feeling this way? We take time to tune into you and your needs, crafting a plan that fits into your lifestyle.

This package includes an initial in-person session, two follow up phone calls, and one closing in-person session. Each session is completely personalized. To start, we’ll check in with where you are and set goals for our time together. We’ll work on the self care techniques that you’ll introduce into your practice. Weekly follow ups give us the opportunity to check in and asses what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

Radical self care is getting to know your truth. Let’s begin.

Rate: $325


Sliding scale rates:

Self care is for all of us. If you’re ready to dive in, reach out and we’ll make it work.



Private Yoga

Hatha, Yin, Meditation, Mantra

Dedicate your time to your self exploration. Work one on one with practices that serve your journey.

Rate: $125 (60 minute session)